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International Dance Organization
Coupe Du Printemps 2013

March 22-24. 2013.
Luxembourg, Ice Rink Kockelscheuer
PE130323_3595.JPG PE130323_3853.JPG PE130322_7568.JPG PE130323_5916.JPG
Hellmut Seibt Memorial 2013 International Figure Skating Competition

February 13-16th 2013
Vienna, Austria
PE130213_5747.JPG PE130214_8114.JPG PE130215_1029.JPG PE130213_8684.JPG
New Years Cup 2013

January 3rd – 6th 2013
Bratislava, Slovakia
PE130103_2519.JPG PE130105_7839.JPG PE130103_0774.JPG PE130104_8175.JPG
6th SANTA CLAUS CUP 2012, International Competition in Figure Skating and Ice Dance

Budapest - Hungary
December 5 – 9, 2012
WA121205_8875.JPG WA121205_2943.JPG WA121205_6283.JPG WA121205_5788.JPG
IDO - European Dance Show Championship 2012

Expo Center Pécs
october 25-28. 2012.
PE121025_1866.JPG PE121025_0105.JPG PJ121025_7582.JPG PE121025_1593.JPG
IDO - World Streetdanceshow Championships and World Disco Dance Cup 2012

Expo Center Pécs
october 22-24. 2012.
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